hi! i'm steph

Stephanie Desrosiers - accountability coaching

Steph Desrosiers

Boy Mom | Personal Growth Coach | Interior Designer

“Combining passion and purpose to live the life I love.

  • Pisces sun | Taurus moon | Capricorn rising

  • Northern Ontario, Canada born + raised

  • Mother, daughter, sister, friend

  • Lover of astrology and spirituality

  • Divine Feminine | Twin Flame

About me:

After spending most of my life suffering – primarily as a result of the BS my mind fed me about myself and others – I gave happiness another shot, but this time focused on finding it within, and not externally.

My thoughts were all backwards, inside out and upside down. I had no idea what happiness would look like to me let alone how to get there. Realization #1:  it’s a journey, not a destination.

Deep down, I always felt a void. I had a great relationship, two healthy and beautiful children, a picture-perfect family and life that was everything I could have ever asked for, but something was still missing.

I buried myself in work to avoid slowing down and having to take a good look at myself in the mirror. At one point I was working three jobs, but little did I know at that time, I was pushing myself to burn out and everything I didn’t want to happen, happened. I was forced to take a good long look at who I was, and that didn’t mean on the outside. Could I have been the creator of my own suffering? Realization #2: I’ve always had the option to choose the thoughts that filled my mind.

I never stood firmly in understanding who I authentically was. I spent most of my life living within the construct of societal norms and conditioning and felt confused about where I fit in in this world. Realization #3: I was never born to fit in, I’m here to help create a new world. I knew I had an incredible ability to intellectually connect with others, but my level of understanding was skewed by my perception of life and created a lot of energetic blocks from connecting with others on a deeper level.

As I began to heal and remove these blocks, my purpose became clear to me. My gift and my offering to this world is to help those who are walking the same path, no matter how different your circumstances may be.


I can't wait to assist you on your journey to rediscovering your light.

You are so very loved!